FMA MemeTop Ten Favorite Episodes (10/10)

Episode 15: The Ishbal Massacre


i sketched this out after watching episode 59, before they were reunited. so excuse the non-canon-ness of it. i think it was wishful thinking that led me to draw it… not to say i didn’t actually ADORE the last few episodes, Roy and Riza are both so damn strong, i just wanted to see this so badly. my drawings of this pair have a tendency to include a LOT of touching, and i think that’s me compensating for the lack of touching on the show. anyway, here’s the song i wrote down in the corner of this.


兄弟 | Walzrj
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one episode, one gif: ed’s sweet dream.



Every fucking weeaboo song put into one

Bad Apple, Cruel Angel’s Thesis, Butterfly, Ievan Polkka, Matryoshka, and the Lucky Star theme all squished into one this is what it fucking sounds like

this is what hell sounds like



i swear to god this show covers anything ill ever like


fma au where al just calls ed “bruh”

Hey, Edward! 

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood + Openings


no but get this fullmetal au

everything is the exact same except roy mustang is always wearing a flower crown


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